Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cavs/Wizards, Playoffs Round 1, Game 5 2008...Pregame

The game hasn't even started yet and we get this gem of Deshawn Stevenson arriving in Cleveland sporting the oh so classy Michael Vick jersey. That and some DC rapper has decided to make a song going back at Jigga man, as more details come out about that club in DC that broke the Jay-Z diss, with apparently The Handsome One getting on the mic and talking trash the night of.
And apparently Caron Butler was there and now the Wizards have boycotted the club.
I would talk even more about the whole thing, but the Washington Post's Dan Steinberg breaks it all down here.
I think the best word to describe Deshawn Stevenson right now is "mark". Like, "you a mark ass busta" ala early/mid-90's Compton rap. Shit now that I think about it, "mark" is a pretty amazing putdown, especially because it's the first name of our good buddy Mark "Ner" Kirchner.
But I digress.
Anyways, I hope tonight's game ends with confetti raining down from the rafter, "another one bites the dust" echoing, and Lebron telling that Mark like he told Chris Bosh's girlfriend: "This is your fault".



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