Tuesday, January 08, 2008

where to begin? was it coach tressel's lack of adjustment? what happened to the running game? dropping passes? piss poor tackling?
being in new awlins?
and is it just me or does it seem easy to hate on a group of people who chant the name of their conference? does this mean that i can start chanting "AMERICAN LEAGUE CENTRAL" or "AFC NORTH" (but honestly, ill take LSU over Florida anyday)?

and does this post seem familiar?

seriously, it has officially now been 1 year of being the bridesmaid but not the bride (no transgender). for the sake of masochism, it goes a little something like this:
-NCAA Championship
-NBA Finals
-AFC Wildcard
but as opposed to last year against florida, i honestly think they had a chance of coming back up until that interception in the 4th. and, as it was with the browns in the last bengals game, they did it to themselves.


but in more pleasant news, browns offensive coordinator rob "chud" chudzinski, has gone the preemptive strike route and signed a 2 year extension with the browns before his scheduled interview with those darned ravens. in case you forgot, this is the dude behind DA, J-Lew, K2, and, uh, B-Ed getting a jillion yards, and is not Maurice Carthon.
nice to see a guy not jumping on the first head coach position offered to him for a change.



Blogger Mike said...

i am so fucking sick of being heartbroken...2008 is the year of not living and dying as much with all these teams and focusing on music...well that is how i feel for today.

1:02 PM  
Blogger buu said...

this one didnt hit me as hard as the ALCS or last year's BCS, but its enough to also consider distancing myself from sports.
seriously, WTF.

3:36 PM  
Blogger NER said...

i had mentally prepared myself for this game, and i agree...it definitely did not hurt as much as the tribe. don't blame tressel though because BOEKMANN = TURNOVER FACTORY. why cant that guy be fucking graduating for god's sake?! i dont care what anybody says. i will take second place, time and again, over being pathetic in every sport all the damn time.

9:42 PM  

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