Monday, December 03, 2007

Browns QBs Abound!

On a random note, former Browns QB's were all over the place yesterday with Vinny Testaverde, 54 years young, leading the Panthers to a win over the Trent Dilfer'ed 49ers, Jeff "Warehouse District/I am straight goddammit" Garcia injuring his shoulder for the Bucs, Luke McCown (!?!) coming off the bench for a Raiders win (!?!), and Tim Couch and Charlie Frye sharing an extra-value meal at McDonalds.
Browns played sloppy and pretty much beat themselves yesterday with a little help from the Cardinals. I think K2 had a legit TD at the end but whatever, the Cardinals scored 3 TD's off of 4 turnovers and the Brownies also threw in about 10,000 yards in penalties for fun.
Hopefully they'll get their shit together next week against the Jets because yours truly and occasional blog contributor Steve will be in attendance. Ill be up to my neck in New Jersey, but if I'm lucky, we'll be able to see a Browns win with a side of breasteses.