Friday, November 25, 2005

Hold on to your teenage daughter...again!

Lil Wayne/Robin Thicke - Shooter

In stores next Tuesday Dec 6th The Carter II. Do not sleep on this. A lot of people slept on the first Carter initally before discovering how Wayne had switched up his flow. Part II is major and that is almost an understatement. I just listened to the whole thing twice in a row which is rare for me and rap these days. The album is sick and seriously this song? Growing Pain's Alan Thicke's son Robin collabos with Weezy for one of the most bizarre and enjoyable songs of the year. And then there's twenty one more songs. And, wow, just listen to this. have a good weekend.

Black Friday

I've successfully spent the entire day indoors, occasionally looking out the window and saying "pshhhhhh". I haven't changed my clothes, shaved, or showered and its midnight. Gotta luuh Thanksgiving.
Tomorrow is Black Friday (a term that was introduced to me by VH1 last week) and I am choosing to stay inside, or maybe go to work, I still havent decided. I actually like Christmas shopping, but I don't know see what the rush is. Never have.
People sleeping in front of Best Buys, Kermit The Frog calling people at 5am telling them that Target is open, folks getting in fist fights for XBox 360s. I guess I can see why youd want to be early, with the demand for shit going through the roof for the holidays, but damn. Ill only stand in line for more than 15 minutes if it pays off in a rollercoaster or a religious haunted house.

Cavs lost big tonight to Indiana, chalking up another Cavalier loss to a high profile team/contender. I know it's early but I've got a bad feeling deep in my stomach that it might end up like last year. Beating up on the teams youre supposed to beat is great and all, but I'm not gonna be 100% until they take out a big dog (not Glenn Robinson). Ive got faith...

I was about to post a song by some dudes I knew back in school called Free Flow until I realized that I didnt have any mp3s.
Ill have to get back to you on that.
I told you, I havent changed my clothes all day.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

oh...don't think I forgot you guys...

game over?

Who isn't loving this???

Author: SoundSlamNov. 16, 2005 - Inglewood, CA

The Game, born Jayceon Taylor, was once a high school basketball player with a prospective professional career inthe sport. As a 6’4” hooper, The Game played at Compton High School and eventually received a athletic scholarship to Washington State University. During his first year playing college ball, Taylor was dismissed from the team for a suspected drug violation. Now, The Game is readying for a revived
basketball career with the ABA team, the Inglewood Cobras. The Inglewood Cobras,
an American Basketball Association team, have been infused with financial
investment and energy from the rapper who is looking forward to the upcoming
season starting this week. Game stated that “It’s just a branch off of the moves
I’m trying to make to elevate The Black Wall Street West. I am buying a decent
percentage of the team and also playing.”The Inglewood Cobras will be playing
their home games at The Forum and will play their first home match on November
29th versus the Las Vegas Rattlers. Attendees can expect to see Mr. Jayceon
Taylor putting in many minutes on the hardwood during the games, too. The Game
said that he believes he will be starting at either the number 2 or the 3 spot
since he’s well-versed in the sport. He cited, “I grew up playing basketball.
I’m only 25 and I’m still in professional shape.” He continued, stating that
“I’ve been in intense practices with the Cobras for about a month now and the
team is looking forward to winning every game and selling out The Forum with the
help of myself and a bunch of talented young guys eager to elevate their own
basketball careers.”Other notable players for the Cobras include former
University of Arkansas elite, Mike Jones, as well as Spencer Alston and the
Japanese guard, Takuya Okada. The Game is hopeful that the franchise will be
able to sell out home games at the former Los Angeles Lakers Complex, The Forum,
and possibly become a NBDL team in the future. Jayceon Taylor is using this
opportunity as both a tool to give back to his own backyard community, having
grown up in Compton, as well as establish the move on behalf of his Black Wall
Street company. Other endeavors have been and will be established in the music,
fashion, real estate and gang intervention sectors, amongst others.

I thought P had this ABA/rap game on lock...think about that combo, maybe get T.O. to play swingman? G-Unot shirt day? And of couse the dude name-dropped as the star of the team's name is Mike Jones...that's just too easy...

Monday, November 14, 2005

You've Got Terry Bradshaw

What ever happened to the days where sports rivalries really meant something? The first Browns/Steelers game of the year and I'm sitting in a bar with about 6 Steelers fans sitting next to me. With our Browns fading fast, the FYL boys and Cincinnati Ben did our best to stump them by cheering for everything and anything, from Lebron James to NASCAR, and soon enough the Pittsburghians (is that what they are?) just stared straight and talked amongst themselves.
But what's happened? Why weren't these people roughed up outside? Why are Michigan fans allowed to sit down in a Ohio bar during Ohio State/Michigan? Why are guys with Yankees hats doing dances in Jacob's Field when Jason "Steroids" Giambi hits a homerun and not found dead outside after the game? I heard Yankees fans were wearing Red Sox hats during the World Series last year? Browns going to Steelers parties? Me complaining about these things on a "blog"?
It was nice to see some trash talking and dudes getting in each others' faces last night in the game. I just wish Willie Green wouldve ran out there in a sweatsuit and started punching fools.

On another note, this is pretty fucking amazing. So amazing I ordered one as soon as I knew of its existence.

So yeah, not only do we have basketball, but we've got this guy too. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Pittsburgh.

Friday, November 11, 2005

friday...time for a laugh

Happy Friday....hope that all is well out there...look at this picture. Who remembers this game? This was in my opinion (a biased Cavs fan, but let's put that aside for the moment) the best NBA moment from last season in it's entirety. Bron on the fast break and little Damon Jones is the only thing in between LBJ and a highlight reel dunk. Jones is set to attempt the stop. And then Jones realizes, "FUCK....Lebron James is coming at me full blast and he's about to jump 4 feet in the air and destroy me..." So at the last minute DJ decides to get the fuck out the way...but it's too late. I know you know what I'm talking about but I enjoy explaining it. It was after all the most entertaining moment of the season. Anyways about a half second later this picture happened with Flight 23 actually pushing Damon's face out of the way with his left as he dunks with his right. Jones later reported that he was chastised by his mother for embarrassing her on national TV. How good is that? And now DJ is on the Cavs and him Larry Hughes and Lebron are best friends. Happy ending. A video clip would be nice, definately a laugh...

T-Pain - I'm In Love With A Stripper

And now another laughing matter. I'm not gonna pretend I know shit about this song. I don't. It's probably being played on urban radio 24/7 and all of you are already sick of it. But seriously. How can you not laugh at this? Like some Kells it is just straight retarded. The acoustic guitar riff. The vocoder. Again. THE VOCODER. Download this, put it on your mix, play in your friends car with the windows down. Mean mug at stoplights and keep that big smile on the inside. Have a good weekend...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

"Take him to Detroit!"

Kings Piss Off Pistons

Apparently at a recent Kings/Pistons game in Sacramento, some doof thought it would be a good idea to make a montage of shitty burnt out cars and ghettos to play on the scoreboard while Detroit was being introduced.
Now that dude probably doesnt have a job and the Kings are issuing an official apology to the entire city of Detroit.
What was this guy thinking? "This will be hilarious and it won't offend anybody." Maybe he was trying to get fired a la George doing donuts with the World Series trophy tied to the back of his car in front of Yankee stadium. It brought to mind the incident in Utah where they thought it would be a good idea to make a mockery of Karl Malone by black facing some dude (I think it was the owner to be quite honest) and talking in a really exagerrated Karl Malone Southern black guy accent. Naturally, Karl was pissed.
These gems coupled with the awesome "African Americans are really fast" and "brain dead Caribbeans" comments of the past year have really made for a great period in insensitivity.
But hey, when I searched "Detroit" on Google image search, that police beating picture was the 2nd image that popped up. And have you actually been to Detroit?
Actually, its not that bad.
In the end, the Pistons detroyed the Kings, and the Pistons players didnt even see the footage. However, after the trashing and being told about the video, Rasheed Wallace said, "Don't tread on D".
Good old Rasheed.

While perusing today, I came across this article about how Master P is making what one can only assume is his own Koch records. It also mentions his son Lil Romeo's up and coming group The Rich Boys, which consists of little brothers and cousins and what is possibly the most unoriginal group of names I've ever read: Young V (his real name being Vercy for Christ's sake), C-Los, Big Doug and Lil' D. Then there's this article about Snoop's next business venture: hot dogs.

Lastly, Muhammad Ali recently received a Medal Of Freedom from President George W. Bush. Upon shaking the president's hand, Ali made the "cuckoo sign". Gorillamask said it best: Still can't fuck with the champ.
Video courtesy of
Fuck That Life.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Drive By Post

In an interview with UGK's Bun B at, Bun states that he's into Black Flag and the Dead Kennedys, and some Ramones.

Cavaliers starting the season off with a bang. Mike Brown is the first Cavs coach to win in his debut since Lenny Wilkins back in 86 or some shit.

New episode of everyone's favorite mockumentary about smooth sounds Yacht Rock out now, and this ones got Michael Jackson.

New Juelz mixtapes is hot ta def (thanks Mike) and I highly suggest you get your hands on it. If this is a sign of "What The Game's Been Missing" shit's gonna be huge.

Its 65 and sunny outside and Im inside in an office with no windows. Goddammit.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

opening night

Basketball is back. Thank the lord. Spurs and Nuggets about to go down and I'm just excited to see some live NBA action finally. I can't believe that Cleveland didn't ante up the cash to televise the preseason know I listened to everyone on the radio and let me tell sucks. Cavs lookin' like they are about to have their breakout year and with all the signings in the offseason I can't doubt it. Been following b-ball pretty closely since last season ended and I'm really excited about the L this year. I can't tell if it's because I've scrutinized it so closely this offseason or just cause it is a really exciting time for the L in general. I'm loving a lot of the off-season moves and I can't wait to see the results (Miami I give you two weeks before the egos explode and there is a meltdown.)

Like I said the L looks primed for change across the board. Even you New York....can't wait to see how(and if) this team works for LB. Here's something from ny that does work:

Papoose - Born in NY

Also if you remember back when we were listening to the Slim Thug diss on Flippa...found this an interesting response (with NBA reference to boot)

"When you on top, everybody is trying to get your spot," he said. "When I came in the game, I was taught no matter how much money you give a person, how much exposure you give a person, everybody ain't gonna like you. I'm here to try to bring Houston up, not down. For me to try to step down and battle somebody that's, like, in the CBA [Continental Basketball Association] and I'm in the NBA Hall of Fame right now, it wouldn't help me. As far as that whole situation [with Slim], SoundScan tells all the truth."

NBA HOF? I found you funny when you were talking about Playstation 3 and 4 about three years ago...but seriously...even with that in mind, I think it's gone a bit far this time...