Wednesday, July 23, 2008

50 cent "Sincerely Yours Southside"

50 Cent - Sincerely Yours Southside Mixtape

man just needed to post this up for anyone who missed out. i know you are saying "a 50 cent mixtape in 2008? wtf?" please believe i felt the same way...until i heard this. it's a hungry 50 jumping on all 70's and 80's classics....tom tom club, isleys, prince etc. It is a perfect album for summer time crusing...i know it's not 2002 but trust this shit is amazing....every time i take it out i keep going back to it for the last month. enjoy.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Cleveland's new rap hope

A Kid Named CUDI - the mixtape

straight from solon high school, the boy is doing cleveland proud, enjoy!

1. Intro
2. Down & Out
3. Is There Any Love? feat. Wale (Produced by Emile)
4. Cudi Get
5. Man On The Moon (The Anthem) (Produced by NOSAJTHING)
6. The Prayer (Produced by Plain Pat)
7. Day N Nite (Produced by Dot Da Genius)
8. Embrace The Martian - Crookers feat. Kid Cudi
9. Maui Wowie
10. 50 Ways To Make A Record (Produced by Emile & Plain Pat)
11. Whenever
12. Pillow Talk
13. Save My Soul (The Cudi Confession)
14. T.G.I.F. feat. Chip The Ripper
15. Cudi Spazzin
16. Cleveland Is The Reason (Produced by Dot Da Genius)
17. Heaven At Nite

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

brim low.

"brim low" - al fatz feat. layzie bone

two of cleveland's finest, al fatz and l-burna, on a track that would be more suited for the holidays but ill take it for christmas in july. if you havent heard if yet, you got it.

happy summertime.