Thursday, June 30, 2005

Living in a lonely world

CNN - City Boy (prod. by The Heatmakerz)

Juelz Santana - You Gonna Love Me (prod. by The Heatmakerz)

Well here it is. The Heatmakerz have a mixtape out and here are just a couple jems off it. Probably the only production team that I will buy anything they touch no questions asked. You know who they are, you know why you're here. For everyone who loves sped up samples and the dipset as much as I (they) do.

So I was super excited to hear this shit but I didn't know it was gonna be all this. This CNN track samples Journey "Don't Stop Believing" which I don't even know if I have words for. Journey sped up and crossed with motherfucking rap music. That last sentence basically describes the dream I have every night. Like the title of the sample states, sometimes I stop believing in rap music and then these mofos redeem everything for me. Thank you Heatmakerz.

Also this Juelz track is dope and the beat is a little bit different than the beat for the Da Backwudz shit, a little bit slower and chilled. Enjoy this shit and lets look forward to the Crack album whenever that happens.

Again: Steve Perry and Nore. Amazing.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Welcome to the NBA dun

Immortal Technique - Harlem Streets

Just caught the draft and all that. Besides the obvious, I had two favorite moments. The first was Denver drafting Julius Hodge # 20. He did the post draft interview with Stuart Scott and he was amazing. As Stuart asked him about growing up in Harlem and his brother making him tough he responded, "He pushed me into a steel fence, he punched me in the ribs." And as Stu did his outro to the interview Julius interjected(and by that I mean yelled) "Harlem on the rise!" pumped are you about getting this dude? Amazing....this dude will fit right in with Melo. This song goes out to you player.

Second favorite moment is when NY drafted this white guy with the last pick in the first round. The entire crowd booed and even Spike could merely shake his head in disgust.


Monday, June 27, 2005

Jessica Simpson has big pillowy breasts.

however 3 of this woman's last 5 singles have been covers ("angels" originally done by robbie williams, "take my breath away" originally done by berlin and of course, the current single with that boob/booty-tastic video "these boots were made for walking" originally done by nancy sinartra). all the nick and jessica drama and the current state of pop music in general aside, this doesnt sit well with me. maybe its because she can actually sing. maybe she needs another remix with Jermaine Dupree and Bow Wow. . oh well. she does have big pillowy breasts.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Dopest Class in High School

Mathematics feat. Allah Real, Inspektah Deck, RZA and Ghostface - Strawberries and Cream

You know this dude Mathmatics is always coming with some heat. From designing the Wu logo to being one of the first dudes to do those sped up soul samples this dude doesn't play. He's been Mc'ing since the mid-80's and then fell in with the Wu and became RZA's protege. He laced us with that ill shit on his debut solo joint Love, Hell or Right in 03 with some of the best production out that year. Now he's got the new joint with his classic beats and you know the family all shows up to show their respect. In particular, RZA and Ghost explode on this beat, and Mathmatics as always does not let us down.

Also this has been around for a min but if anyone missed Cosmo Baker's Love Break Pt 1 or 2 download that shit here. He puts down an amazing summer mix of all rnb/soul with tons of records you'll recognize from rap samples. Shit is dope and on constant rotation right now. Definately some of that "Get right for the summer music."


Monday, June 20, 2005

For my players with the keys who be movin' weight

ESG Bun B and Big Tho - Get Away

Damn gotta love this. Crazy throw-back danceclub beat, with that bass line that's gonna be stuck in your head for the next hour. Reminds me of that mac dre joint on the laudromat not so long ago. And tell me you're not somewhat expecting Eazy E to show up at some point with his little man flow somewhere in this...

Paul Wall finally has his website shit going down....I guess the albums gonna drop in August which I feel like every summer joint is getting pushed back to. In the meantime kill hours at work "hurtin' those haters" on Paul's website game where you get paid out for gettin rid of them haters. And if you lose the site doesn't hesitate to tell you how "You Fell Off!"

If anyone got that new Mathematics or has opinions on it let me know what's up.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Why Oh Why? Tell Them That It's Human Nature

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Ray Cash - making me proud.

As mentioned before Im a big fan of the "Big Things" show with DJ Ripsta (every Thursday from 6:30 to 9:30 on 88.7 WJCU or hit the website if youre not from Cleveland) and theyre always playing this song by this dude whose name I always forget. Well today I remembered his name and since his video's on BET and getting some more airplay on tv and radio I figured we'd better give him a little shine. The dude is Ray Cash and he's pretty tight. He's got a voice and style a lot like Southern rappers what with the drawl but this guy's Cleveland to the fullest. Good delivery, good bounce, good hook, good video, what more can you ask for? Peep the video to his single "Sex Appeal" and you'll see Cleveland in all its #1 in poverty glory, from the ball park to the justice center (shit Bone never even showed this much Cleveland in their videos), and Cleveland's actually lookin good for once ("Double Dragon: The Movie" this is not). They even joke/comment on how Bone was the last thing that Cleveland had going for it (Avant? where are you?) Keep your eyes on this dude because he might be creeping up on you in a major way. Asides from appearing on local mix tapes and the what not, his album, "COD: Cash On Delivery" is due to drop sometime this summer, which is good because this single is quite the summer jam. Much respect to a Cleveland boy representing for his city.

Friday, June 10, 2005


I be with the rudest of rude
who move when I move
a platoon of baffoons (boom boom)
and my bitches be boofin' balloons (zoom zoom)

Well this first verse on Santana's Town pt. 2 pretty much sums it up for me. I mean, at least Juelz is being honest in saying he hangs out with a bunch of goons who follow him around carrying his ball[oon]s (mch). Anyway, he sounds like a 5 year old on this track mumbling to himself (boom boom, zoom zoom?) while playing with Hot Wheels. There is certainly a difference between what's really good and what's actually good. And on the Memorial Day Mixtape Juelz hilariously cuts this song short to remark "Aw, we can't give you all a that yet..." like this song is actually worth a fuck.

Anyway, that being said, here's a funny song off of the Memorial Day Mixtape with basically everybody. The lyrics are awful as usual (notwithstanding the tribe and eric b "borrowing"), and thanks to Otis Redding, the beat is dope:

Dipset Symphony - Hell Rell, JR Writer, 40 Cal, Jim Jones, Juelz, Un Kasa, and everyone's respective mothers.

And, hmm, here's an actual decent (it's older, but if you haven't heard it yet - it's amazing) track (this version without the tourettes afflicted Kay Slay screaming throughout):

We Don't Give A Fuck - Juelz Featuring Paul Wall

might as well be Paul Wall feat. Juelz considering JS's intellectual contribution:

hat low to the front.
lean back smokin a blunt.
ai! see the button? hit that.
dope in the trunk.


Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Block is Hot...

Paul Wall, Bun B, Lil Boosie, Webbie - Flow

The Game feat 50 - Hate It or Love It (Chopped and Screwed by Michael Watts)

Amazing weekend, amazing weather. If you're reading this right now, go outside! Specifically download these songs and get in your car and put the windows down and enjoy. Or take this shit on a evening stroll. Whatever, it's just about 80 degrees right now and the sun just set and I've been waiting for the heat for a min. These songs are off of Swishahouse The Final Chapter 2k5 and are perfect for today.

I've had a busy weekend but should have some more regular shit along with these other dudes the next week. Also don't sleep on the hottest song I've heard in a while with Three Six Mafia, Young Bizzuck and Ball + G, the Tennessee Connection "So Fly" That along with Trapped in the Closet part 5 and both should be available from Chris so check that shit out.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Carl Lewis signs to FYL Records

Cleveland Times; June 2, 2005 - 9:13am

Fuck Yo' Life™ Records (FYL) CEO Joseph Gladstone announced today the signing of former Multi-Sport Olympian Freddy "Carlton" Lewis, otherwise known as (hot) Carl. FYL will be releasing numerous singles in the upcoming summer months, including the club banger Break it up. MDK (the Ghetto Danny Tanner) articulated his excitement on the eve of the contract signing: "Tight." CL will be featured on the upcoming FYL-camp double disc Full House and dropped terse wit on Cousin Larry's now infamous "Mypos Girls" from the underground classic Am I My Brothers Keeper? (2000).


Make sure to check his "Film Reel" at for an idea of upcoming FYL theatrical releases and his extraordinary acting talents. I mean, really check it. Carl Lewis wants his mother fucking money.

In other news, Drinking is Our Way of Life

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bats, The Demon's Head, Choons

Two weeks to the Batman Begins premier. Started thinking about it today after I heard the new Virus Syndicate The Work Related Illness ... Manchester's (and arguably England's) finest "Two-step" Grime camp ... JSD, Nika D, and Goldfinger droppin' science, with Mark-One on production ... Anyway, this album is super tite production wise ... If you're into shit like Roll Deep, Kano, Dizee, etc, I highly recommend this whole album.

I nearly shat myself when I heard Taxman, featuring a brilliantly sampled Batman theme. Also, grab Girls while you're at it. A fine little slice of minimal "dirty dub" ...

Virus Syndicate - Taxman

Virus Syndicate - Girls

Speaking of two-step if you never got introduced to the real Ms. Dynamite, I suggest you download her debut track Boo! feat. Sticky on the beats ... Why she went all BlazinRnB on our asses, I'll never know, nor care (if you can get past the awful So Solid garbage, she's pretty sweet):

Sticky feat. Dynamite - Boo!

So, back to Batman. How tight is the casting in this movie. Replace Katie Holmes and I would be fucking set as fuck. I am honestly almost as excited for this as SW III .. At least the acting will be better (Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Ken Watanabe) .. Seriously, how really good is Ken Watanabe.

You may remember him as Katsumoto in The Last Samurai (fuck you, Cruise; it's a good thing you had Ken, or this movie would've completely sucked). He's going to make a great Ra's Al Guhl .. I have high hopes for this movie. No more Schumacher!

Now on to some tune selections. I'm going back a few years today (actually in one case, quite a few). But firstly, I'd like to share some artists (on a true hip-hop tip) that may be obvious already to many, but I have recently discovered.

Murs - 3:16

Guess this dude used to be pretty much on the underground (what is now referred to as "backpack" hip hop thanks to Kanye's Mark ass (yes, I said Mark)) tip, but this is pretty straightforward storytelling shit ... but pretty humourous ("more Coldplay than I am Ice T") overall, lyrically, it's super tight. Nice to see west coast meet midwest/east coast stlyes blending.

The Grouch - Nothing's Changed

This guy is sick and the song is super crafty. Off the album Fuck the Dumb; 1998:

My ability to seperate the yes and no's from the maybe-so's
Therefore I see reality
One way or another I'ma shape that, give or take a calorie
until my salary is truly touched
Fiends for my cuts like I fiend for the guts
when I'm up never limp
Forever pimp my lyrics that's "en truta"
Set that line in stone cause I got it from Medusa

So, here's my trip back through time post. I felt like reposting this because I find it amazing that it ever happened:

so, I'm going through hammer's back catelogue, and I find a track called "break em' off something" which apparently is a tribe called quest "diss" track.

I had never heard it before (it samples "more bounce to the ounce" by zapp and roger [one of the best tracks of all time]) and honestly, it is hilarious. Whatever gave Hammer the idea that he was as good a Qtip or even Phife..I have no idea (I think Hammer was a joke by this point; perhaps why this track never got heard by the likes of YT). but here's some lyrical samplings:

Make em shiver, Q-tip couldn't flow if he was a river
And me, I'm sellin milli like runnin the mill
And like Big Daddy Kane "I Wonder How You Gotta Record Deal"
Well everyday too make hits, you ain't got it
Til this day you never ? never had it
For me I tend to kick it like a partner
And must I remind you I'm the funky headhunter
I understand u bout as man as Rupaul
I come on your block and move you out like a U-Haul
So step right up and be the next contestant
A Tribe Called Quest Is A Bad Investment
I'm breakin em off with somethin' proper!

And check out the cameos on this track:

(Suge Knight)
You all about as real as yo gel fro
For you we had know use
So we gone execute you like Death Row.

You punk you trick I like the way u say Daddy Hammer's name
I like it! I like it! I like it! You punk tricks!

And then this takes the cake:
Man what about Run D. M. C.
Too Old For the hoe stroll!

Ha ha ha. Can't Touch This, Run.

And just to be different, here's the club remix of Angel's and Fly; it's pretty tough - I have a soft spot for british female mc's (even if they suck):

High Contrast (feat. Nolay) - Angels and Fly

Tracks are usually up for a week on yousendit .. let me know after that and I'll get em to ya.

(FYL - tight boys from way back when)

how tight is a FYL brownie cake. Thanks Kels.