Friday, June 20, 2008

Modern Rock 500

Last summer I was working at this firm, trying to make some summer dough. During the workday, Id be talking to my friend Ivan on the instant messenger, trying to find some sweet iTunes radio stations to listen to while we waited for quittin time, when I stumbled upon WOXY Modern Rock 500.
Broadcasting out of Cincinnati, Ohio, WOXY has 2 stations on iTunes under the "alternative" category, one being the regular WOXY broadcast and the other being the "vintage", which is where the Modern Rock 500 was found. Apprarently every year around Memorial Day, they do a weekend where they, well, count down the top 500 modern rock songs. However this isnt your usual list where the Beatles or Nirvana are #1 and the top 10 is filled with Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and U2. Instead, Ivan and I were going back and forth, providing commentary as we heard the likes of The Pixies followed by Portishead followed by The Stone Roses followed by Public Enemy. As opposed to the usual Beatles/Nirvana/Zepplin top songs, it seems like they base their rankings on what bands are directly responsible for what's popular today, so last year their top 5 had the likes of The Smiths "How Soon Is Now" and Joy Division "Love Will Tear Us Apart".
It was like watching one epic episode of Alternative Nation, and it was awesome. Awesome enough that I sent an email to them telling them how great it was.
Anyways, they did it again this year, and I totally forgot until the other day, and apparently theyre rebroadcasting it through this weekend, so listen while you can. The top 10 is pretty similar to last year's, but it's still awesome and might surprise you a bit.

iTunes -> Radio -> Alternative -> WOXY Vintage.

Do it. Seriously.

New Girl Talk

In case you didn't know yet, everyone's favorite mash-up/everything sampling/dance music/whatever dude Greg Gillis has put out another album, and it's available for download.
And you don't even have to pay for it...cheapskate.