Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cleveland Killa Season

Bone finally made a movie, and it's not "Ghetto Cowboy" starring Wesley Snipes as they had promised us (no, seriously they did) 3 years ago at Peabodys. Based on the idea of "What would have happened to Bone had they never gotten their record deal?" and sharing the same name as their comeback hit "I Tried", this trailer's got it all: dramatic lines ("Nothin more dangerous than a wounded animal"), Wish and a shotgun, Krayzie doing some "art imitating life" type shit by playing a dude with too many kids, and Layzie punching people. My only disappointment is that it appears to take place in LA and not Cleveland.
One time SupposedToBubble contributer Eric Zunkley did some shit on this movie, so props to him.

Speaking of Eric Zunkley, he will also be dj'ing Hate Jamz this Saturday at Touch in Cleveland alongside his brother Beverly Thrills, Brooklyn, and your 3 Supposed To Bubble amigos.
Shit jumps off Friday at Peabodys with American Werewolves, Fall Back, Above This Fire, Crowd Deterrent, and a bunch of other bands I cant remember.
And also, get in touch if you want to be apart of Ben and Doan's Wing Night Reunion at the Winking Lizard.

F this weekend's Life.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Weekend of Hate + New Goodlife Mike Mix

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Next weekend, the weekend of hate. The Supposed to Bubble dudes are back together from NYC, Seattle, and Cleveland to throw down this crazy event. Should be tons of rap and craziness. 10-2 Touch Supper Club Cleveland, No Cover.

Also I tried throwing together a quick live mix kind of on a summer dance party vibe for your enjoyment. Problem was three songs in the studio monitors cut out on my rickety home setup and as a result made it difficult to hear the mixes while I was doing them. I finished and it actually turned out very solid albeit a bit sloppy in a few instances. Nevertheless, I think that it will definitely rock out your summer parties. Check it out:

Goodlife Mike - No Monitors Summer Mix

T-Pain feat. Twista - Show U How
Pase Rock - So Fucking Disco
Pretty Tony - Don't Stop the Rock
Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Eli and Diplo mix)
Black Eyed Peas - My Humps x Don Quichotte (Arthur King RMX)
Lil Mama - Lip Gloss (William Russell Stirhouse remix)
Sinden and Count of Monte Cristo - We Don't Give a Damn
Bobby LaBeat - Give it to Me Remix
Cars - Just what i needed (Roctakon Re-edit)
Snack & C'mish - Young MD
Diplo & Kanye West - Work is Never Over
DJ B-Stee - Robot Club Rock
Wolfmother vs UNK - Women on their Knees (DJ Morsy RMX)
Robin Thicke - Cocaine (refix by ?)
Them Jeans - Get it Shawty (T-Wrecks) / Yuksek Composer Blend
Rick Ross - Hustlin (Curtis Vodka Summer Bass RMX)
Baby Huey vs Black Strobe - Dickie's Italian Pop Lock (Extended Edit)
Cousin Cole and Shop Boyz - Party Like a Rock Star (Rock Remix)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Summer Vibe

I know we usually are about hip hop and such, but I figured I'd post this for the hell of it. A couple "summer vibe" drum and bass mixes I've mixed down in the last month. Mostly "liquid" style drum and bass (obviously, if you hate electronic music you won't like it). Enjoy. Also, don't sleep on the "Human Nature" Remix in the second mix. Amazing (Favorite tracks starred*).

(1) The Funktastics - Girls Say Haaaa!
(2) Jazz Thieves - Feelin' Easy*
(3) Assonance - Antidote
(4) Nu:Tone - Deep Old
(5) Jazz Thieves - Turn Around
(6) Brokie & Ed Solo - Feeling
(7) Random Movement - Last Night's Dream
(8) Nu:Tone - Jet Stream
(9) The Funktastics - Lies in Paradise*
(10) MISTiCal - 11th Hour (Feat. DRS)
(11) Polar - Reversed Psychology
(12) Alix Perez & Redeyes - Watching You
(13) Mutt - You'll See
(14) Artificial Intelligence - Ever On
(15) Redeyes - When Will It Ever End?
(16) Bachelors of Science (feat. Redeyes) - Hold On*
(17) Solid State - Just a Vision (MIST Remix)
(18) Omni Trio - Less Than Zero

Liquid Hacynth Vol. 3
(1) Total Science - Flip Flop
(2) L.A.O.S. - Beautiful
(3) Mutt f. Outlook - Glory Box
(4) Davide Carbone & Kubiks - Ready With This
(5) MISTiCAL - Mistical Solution (feat. Ras T-Weed)
(6) Mutt - Hot, Lick, Squeeze
(7) Will Miles - Ur Jazz
(8) Syncopix - Starlights
(9) Alix Perez (feat. MC Fats) - Fingerclick
(10) Syncopix - On Volt*
(11) Makato vs. Michael Jackson - Human Nature Remix*
(12) MISTiCAL - Believe (feat. Robert Owens)
(13) Chris Su - Bad Girls
(14) Pendulum - Masochist
(15) Fresh - Colossus

And speaking of mixing, I'm pretty pumped to get the Serato Scratch Live plates at home.


Basically, you can hook up a laptop and manipulate mp3's like you would vinyl. I'm way more into this than getting my technics set up along side CD mixers. Plus it's made/represented by Rane, so it should be quality.