Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cavs/Wizards, Playoffs Round 1, Game 5 2008...Pregame

The game hasn't even started yet and we get this gem of Deshawn Stevenson arriving in Cleveland sporting the oh so classy Michael Vick jersey. That and some DC rapper has decided to make a song going back at Jigga man, as more details come out about that club in DC that broke the Jay-Z diss, with apparently The Handsome One getting on the mic and talking trash the night of.
And apparently Caron Butler was there and now the Wizards have boycotted the club.
I would talk even more about the whole thing, but the Washington Post's Dan Steinberg breaks it all down here.
I think the best word to describe Deshawn Stevenson right now is "mark". Like, "you a mark ass busta" ala early/mid-90's Compton rap. Shit now that I think about it, "mark" is a pretty amazing putdown, especially because it's the first name of our good buddy Mark "Ner" Kirchner.
But I digress.
Anyways, I hope tonight's game ends with confetti raining down from the rafter, "another one bites the dust" echoing, and Lebron telling that Mark like he told Chris Bosh's girlfriend: "This is your fault".


Monday, April 28, 2008

Cavs/Wizards, Playoffs Round 1, 2008

So this is how Lenny felt all those years Jordan beat the Cavs...

It's been a pretty decent series so far what with a couple of blowouts alongside the down to the wire games that have become pretty common in the 3 year saga that is the Cavs and Wizards in round 1 of the the playoffs. And like a majority of those down to the wire games, the Cavs came out on top, much to the dismay of Brendan "I'M GOING TO STAND OVER YOU AND/OR HANG ON THE RIM WITH MY BALLS IN YOUR FACE FOR ABOUT 10 MINUTES BECAUSE I AM AN INTIMIDATOR" Haywood, "What's Eating" Gilbert's Knees, Tuff Juice, Darius "Cream of" Songaila, Andray BLATCHE!, Caron...uh...Butler, DeShawn "At Least I've Got This Beard Growing Contest with DRU and that brunch date with Soulja Boy because I've got nothing else besides that maybe this grill and this black card which I probably dont have anymore please Lebron have mercy" Stevenson, and all the rest.

And to top it all off, Jigga Man recorded a DeShawn Stevenson diss track, which is both amazing and sad at the same time, mostly sad.

It is a best of 7 series (thanks Commissioner Stern!) and who knows, the Wiz-ards could mount a looney comeback and take the series...probably not.
To quote King James in regards to this happening:
"Do I think they can do it?" said James. "No."

Go Cavs.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kissing Those Ohio Votes Goodbye

found this at waiting for next year, which if you havent read yet, is a quality cleveland sports blog.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

sunny day

beautiful day in cleveland...tribe game on in the background...gonna go drive around and listen to nice music and enjoy the weather...throw this on and have a good day.

Ice Cube - You Know How We Do It

Friday, April 04, 2008

nĂ¼ media.

sawyer and steve from the sawyer-steve-jim-and-zach collective, as well as of orenthal james fame, have put out a podcast.
its called madmosa (a mimosa with mad dog in place of the OJ) and its what youd imagine: steve and sawyer talking about stuff. movies, themselves, and possibly boobs, it clocks in at about an hour long and might or might not be funny to those who dont know them... either way they have pretty good taste and if you need the sound of two guys chattering about life in the background while you cook, clean, work, groom yourself, or commute to and fro work, this might be right up your alley.
innuendo intended.

secondly, the gentlemen at lookmakers, the minds behind the girl talk logo and the layout of the white williams album (among other things), have made a video for larry tee, the guy who broke such acts as peaches and the scissor sisters (among other things). im barely into music like this, but the video is pretty sweet.