Friday, August 26, 2005

I never sleep

Al Gator feat. Young Buck - Sleep with an AK

Having fun with this one. I have a bunch of things to touch on today....but I have to run out the door right now. Should be back with an update shortly. In the meantime enjoy this YB off the new Southern Smoke DR. TEETH edition.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

shameless self-promotion

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

rkelly: the term paper.

everybody and their mom has made some sort of comment or joke on behalf of r kelly's opus "trapped in the closet" parts 1-5 and now somebody made cliffs notes on it. the glossary is probably the funniest part, with such highlights as "Deep shit: A difficult situation".
alright whatever i found it interesting.
here she blows.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

windows so dark you need a flashlight to see me.

been reading the no limit posts over at cocaine blunts and hip hop tapes and seeing that gallery of classic no limit album covers made me yearn for the days when i actually thought that mercedes "the back end" album was going to come out. much like the mr. serv on album featured above it may or may not have come out im not sure because no limit was releasing what seemed like (and for a while i think they were) an album a week and i simply couldnt keep up (coincidentally i was planning a "buu's favorite moments in rap" series which featured mid/late 90s era no limit...goddammit). i used to love looking through no limit cd booklets because it was literally like a 12 page fold out of some of the most amazing album covers youve ever seen, and all courtesy of your boys at pen and pixel. i think ego trip's "book of rap lists" put it best when they said (more or less) that if you wanted "champagne sipping grizzly bears" these were your guys. Im glad to see that theyre still up to their old tricks (i.e. making cd covers). Check out Pen and Pixel's current work at the link.

Friday, August 19, 2005

snow cones

Go Crazy!(Young Geeyeeaahhhzy + Jay-z)
Probably been out for a minute, but I rarely hear something (well, since "Stay Fly[i-i-i-i-i-i...]") that I liked immediately .. and frankly, rap's not good enough to even bother keeping up with shit. "I'm so fly, take this parachute off I might fall and die." what the hell are you talking about? yeaaaah. daaammn.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

On the left is ray cash who acted as M.C.

Ray Cash and Paycheck - Ready Rocks 2005

See? I said there would be more to come today. Had to drop this, some new stuff from the Cleveland's first dude, the only hometown dude to really be making much noise on a national level at this time. Cleveland rap stand up. You know Cleveland has a lot more shit to offer, we just need to start seeing it happen. Anyways, good to see this dude doing something. I was not that impressed with his first single "Sex Appeal" except for the fact that it did stick in your head for a min. This song is similarly-infectious and I gotta say there's no question I'm a fan. His mumble-rap rides the beat and there is something about it that is just so Cleveland but hard to pinpoint. Take a listen.

In the Grey Album tradition, some dude took Pet Sounds and the first Kanye album and created West Sounds. So far I've heard mostly hating on this and while I agree this shit was well overdone during the Black Album-era, I am still intriged. The whole album is a free download on the site.

Also want to mention Notes from A Different Kitchen. Just started reading this site and am amazed at what dude is doing.

the game done changed...

The Game - 300 Bars

Bol posted this up about a month ago and I'm just doing a quick post to get this up here for those who slept. At the time this came out I can tell you I honestly didn't give a shit at all. But hearing Game dis 50 cent for 18 min while jacking essential beats left and right is on point. I can't help but smile when the small barbs such as "That's Lloyd Banks Momma singing!" and the whole "Olivia/Oliver is a man." And that is just the first min of the song.

Got more shit to post later today/tomorrow. Be on the lookout.

Michigan fans be on the lookout.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I Live Life Sorta Like In The Movies

Slim Thug - Buss The Tech (Lil Flip Diss)

Slim Thug - My Name Is Thug The Boss

On the heels of that album that the internets is loving, Slim blesses us with some new mixtape heat. First track is some fire as the Boss makes his feelings towards Flip and Sqad Up rather clear. He also jumps on that Jigga PSA beat which you know already I'm quite the sucker for. And he does remarkable well holding the beat down with his own style. The Thug once again...

Saturday, August 06, 2005

I miss my dawgs...

Lil Wayne - Public Service Announcement

How cute do these dudes look in this picture? Reportedly they posed for it just after Cotton Candy and riding the Big Dipper and right before taking a moonlit, hand in hand walk along the beach. Carrying their Reeboks and socks so they don't get wet. I don't think you can even call no homo on this picture. These dudes...

B.G. interview in the new XXL. Lots of heroin talk and that same story that every rapper on Koch spins about being the highest selling artist on Koch to make it seem not so bad you're now indie, while also maintaining the entire time that you're a free agent with no commitment to Koch and you're just about to make moves. I'm surprised there was no mention of making $6.00 a record on Koch (wait go to the next interview, Jim Jones doesn't forget to bring this up. Good work Capo.)

Actually while I'm on this, peep the Jim Jones interview as well. I won't get too into it because my brain may explode but he covers having an office at Asylum and a job he can't explain. Except for that he works for no one. Except that he works for Lyor Cohen. But that's ok because Scarface worked for Sosa. Seriously, just read this shit. This is the logic that prevails throughout.

This song, by the way, is Wayne on my favorite Black Album beat. I really think it would be hard for anyone to miss on this track, and Wayne doesn't disappoint.

What I am looking for is anyone who has/comes across a picture of Waynes tattoo on his bicep of an alien smoking a joint. Please get in touch. I know they showed it in an XXL about 3-4 years ago and I've been trying to find it again for about a year with no luck. It's THAT amazing.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Cool White Boys Riding Around Blasting My Music

Papoose - Freestyle

Ghostface feat. Trife - Cocaine Trafficing

Two new joints off Kay Slay NYC Drama 3 which I am currently feeling. Have heard much about Papoose and he's the new NYC savior of rap etc, getting written up by those in the know in the mixtape scene. Now coming from Cleveland it's easy for me to ignore this shit and usually by the next time I check there is the New Big Thing. I heard a few Papoose tracks and.......meh......but then I heard this freestyle and I think I get it. Dude shows potential and I've been loving this freestyle the last few days. Let's just see if it ever translates to album sales.

And I'm pretty much down with anything Ghost feels like doing. Song is straight-forward Ghost and entertaining as usual. Check it.

Not too much else to report right now. Saw Mick Boogie the Cleveland mixtape king mixing it up at B-Side last night and per usual his shit was on point. Crowd was small for a dude with his skills but nonetheless it was a good time.

Props to Ian and Joey who are running Bol-type numbers and running this blog shit. Keep up the good work. I'm currently working on a few things but everything's been hectic at work etc and I need to let things cool down. Thanks for being here.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

50 Cent & The Buckeyes: Runnin Thangs. (updated 08/04/05)

Some of you may read this before as this post is about a week after the fact, but I recently just read this little article over at sexy results comparing college football teams to rappers. Ohio State and 50 get paired together as shady folks who get shit done. Whatever (oh no, corruption in college sports? unheard of!...seriously, what about hoe-lovin Colorado...Ghostface? nah, Luke would be a better comparison). At least the Buckeyes are on the list, while Michigan is nowhere to be seen...suckers (actually they are. theyre referenced at the beginning compared to fucking rakim. you got me joey.) Anyways, overall its pretty amusing, even if you dont agree with all of it (Bowling Green and BG: together at last).
Oh, and in case you forgot, most of us are Ohio dudes. Speaking of which, I just learned that Gund Arena is now called Quicken Loans Arena. Cleveland, long one of the last bastions of cities without an arena or field named after a product, has succumbed to having an arena with a shitty name. At least there wont be anymore "gohnorrhea" jokes.
f that life.