Thursday, December 29, 2005


So, you've probably heard by now that the new Bad Boy album "featuring" a post-mortem Biggie Smalls and numerous guest artists is just about the worst album to be ever made. Critics are slamming it; P. Douchebag's grieving is officially out of hand. Duets: [Please God, Let it be the] Final Chapter contains some of the worst beat production I've heard as of late (well, it is bad boy, can't expect much). Anyway, it's garbage ...

I was reminded of this after my lady sent me a transript from the NPR Fresh Air show featuring a Bill Mahar "white-guy" lyrics translation of the I'm F*$king You Tonight BIG and R Kelly classic:

"Tonight we won't be dining, we'll just be having intercourse.

Surely you'll appreciate my stamina and the fact that I own a late model European Sports Sedan.

If you shifted position, you would have a better view of our intercourse, I appreciate it when we have intercourse with increased vigor and velocity.

Tonight we won't be dining, we'll just be having intercourse."

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Driveby Post #3

In case you havent seen it yet, someone came up with a conspiracy theory as to why Dave Chappelle had his supposed meltdown and pulled the plug on his show. While it's lacking in any real evidence (at least any that can be seen on the site), it adds an interesting light on the subject. And it does make you wonder why Bill Cosby's been saying all that kooky stuff lately.

If you're like me, you go out on Saturday nights so youre never home to watch Saturday Night Live anymore. And it's honestly been so long that I have no idea who is on the cast and who isn't, and/or if its even funny anymore. However my brother told me about this skit from Saturday's show where Chris Parnell and some other dude rap about doing normal stuff on a Sunday. It's honestly pretty funny. Thanks to Gorilla Mask for the media.
"Lazy Sunday"

Not too long ago (I think in my post-Thanksgiving I made a brief mention of a hip hop group some friends of mine were in when I was in college. Well, a little less then a month later and Ive uploaded an mp3 for yall's to listen to. The group consisted of a guitar/keyboard player, a bassist/drummer, an mc, and a a beatboxer. All talented in their own right (most of the rapping was freestyled and their beatbox dude had placed in Scribblejam and other competitions), and came from fairly different backgrounds (from Louisvile Kentucky to East Cleveland) thus making for some pretty interesting shit. They played their last and best show opening up for Jurassic 5 a little more than a year ago and they stole the show in my eyes. Alright enough reminiscing, here's some Free Flow for all you suckas.

And finally, the Evil Empire strikes again.

FYL and Murry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Wish and me.

On Sunday my brother and I were on a flight back to Cleveland from Palm Springs, California and we had a lay over in Phoenix. After finishing a chili/cheese coney dog from Jody Maroni's Sausage Kingdom (which would prove to be the biggest mistake ever as it was gas city for me the entire flight home) I boarded the plane. As I was walking to my seat, I looked and saw what looked like a familiar face already sitting down. "Is that? is." It was Wish Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony. After staring for a few seconds just to make sure it was him, I noticed that he was sitting in the seat directly in front of mine, thus giving me an excuse to talk to him. Here is part I of the conversation in its entirety:
"Excuse me, Wish?"
"Hey I just wanted to say hi. Im a fan of your music and I work at Peabodys. We did a show with you a little while back."
"Oh hey."
"You coming from Phoenix?"
"Naw Santa Cruz."
"I see."
Granted it, actually it wasnt that late. It was like 6:45pm. But whatever, I try and show people respect and I for one can understand when you just don't feel like talking. So I stopped the conversation there and took my seat. About 4 hours later we had landed in the land of the heartless, and I decided that it was my duty as a contributor to the phenomenon that is Supposed to Bubble to get some info out of him while I could. With that in mind, I continued our conversation:
"So Wish, when's that new Bone album coming out?"
"And you guys are working with Swizz Beats? Anyone else?"
"(something resembling "Kanye")"
And with that he walked off the plane. I also bumped into him and his cohort in the bathroom but I wasnt about to bother him while he was taking a piss. Later on he even stood next to me as we picked up our luggage, but we didnt even acknowledge each other. Now I'm not trying to write some "Wish is a dick" post or shit like that. If anything he was just a normal dude flying home, just like me so I honestly have nothing against him. It's just that this Wish was in stark contrast to the Wish that the FYL dudes had talked to at the previously mentioned Wish and Layzie show last year. After that show Wish was talking "Ghetto Cowboy", shaking hands, patting us on the back, and even wishing us "goodnight". This time around he seemed kind of worn out, bummed. But hey, 2005's been kind of rough for Wish. Maybe he's still bummed about the time he was supposed to hang out with Mike Jones but couldn't find a parking spot. Or maybe the time that he got into a fight with his former Bone brother Bizzy. Or maybe that hes about 7 years overdue for a solo album.

But, the "comeback" album is in the works, and if anything Ive heard (Three 6 beats) is true, it is long overdue. So here's to you Wish, and your scheduled plane ride back to the top of the charts.

On an unrelated note, Dave Meggett, former running back for the New York Giants is selling his Superbowl ring on ebay. It's currently going for $40,000, with a "buy it now" price of $60,000. It currently has no bids, but you, or maybe Thurman Thomas, can be the first. Peep it here

I think it's safe to say that you can F that L.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Pimp and the Mac

Mikey Ray - G-Style

So if you're around my age and you grew up with cable chances are that you remember the amazing Nick show Salute Your Shorts. The show stands the test of time and you can check it yourself with the Ebay bootlegs. And you probably remember most the ever-lovable fat kid with the lisp Donkey Lips. He was Budnick's best bro at camp and 14 years later he is still bro-ing down and keeping it real. In fact, he now resembles Big Pun and fashioned himself quite the LA thug. And he raps. This is just a sample. He records under the name Mikey Ray. And though he may have gotten larger, the lisp and voice remain entirely intact. " Hey is the party gonna be jumping? Hell yeah, I'm there! Let me go wash the PG'sssss man" Not to ruin this before the song downloads but PG's are "pussy-getters" and he's talking about the 20's on his truck. "Thugs will be rollin' in a 92 Accord, is that all you can afford? Ladies, ignore." Wow, love this dude. Budnick is rocking out to White Snake somewhere so proud of how his boy turned out. Oh and there is this Alvin the Chipmunk style dude that he duets with on this song. Kind of like that Paula Abdul song. Age appropriate eh?

It's been crazy lately. A year wiser and a new apartment, been busy but still trying to hold it down. Thanks to all who are still looking for STB. You are appreciated.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Drive By Post II

Readin over at about all sorts of dipset news, from a Juelz instore appearance in New York getting a little out of hand to Jim Jones allegedly getting chased out of Pittsburgh. Apparently it had to do with some Hell Rell business where he was supposed to do a mix-tape with a Pittsburgh group called Tha Government but didnt. I dont know about you, but Id be real pissed off if Hell Rell got me in some shit.

Some pics from that Bat Mitvah that 50/G-unit and Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith did. Remember when Jah Rule and Ashanti did a Bat Mitvah and people made fun of them (me included)? Remember when 50 made fun of Jah for singing too much?...
Photos courtesy of WhatWouldTylerDurdenDo?
What a great time!

Nice Uni Watch article on page2 about Cleveland Browns uniforms, past, present, and future. Considered one of the ugliest and most plain uniforms in the league, it's nice to see the old brown and orange get a little recognition as the true testament to football tradition it is (not surprisingly, the ugliest alterations they've ever had came under Art Modell...)

Also, apparently Reggie Bush's high school highlight tapes are making their way around the underground circuits like a celebrity sex video and shit is hot ta def. Check this New York Times article to see what Im talking about, and check that video to see some of the most ridiculous runs youve ever seen.

FYL boys were at the Cavs/Clippers game for MDK's birthday. Our "usher yeah" sign got no love but the Cavs pulled out an overtime win in what was a damn good game.

F that L.