Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Good Times Just Keep On Comin!

Well, it's happened again. CC's probably going to miss the season opener.
And while we're talking Cleveland Curse, has yet another chart of the most tortured, this time broken down into teams. Cleveland did nicely with all three major teams (Browns, Indians, and Cavs) being in the top 25, and David Schoenfield even gave the Browns the honor by saying "The Browns have suffered more soul-sucking moments than any franchise." And then he went on to agree/admit that the Rocky Colavito Curse is real.
It's always comforting when other people notice Cleveland's shittiness in sports, like, "ok, it's not just us who think this way."
And the other day while watching Ohio State beat Memphis, my buddy Steve was like "You hear how the Knicks want the Cavs in the playoffs? They think Eddy Curry is the ultimate Lebron stopper. Ha!"
And then last night they beat the Cavs.

fuck cleveland's life.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

ballin out of control.

For those of you who read deadspin this is old news but seeing how i was on a self imposed "spring break" last week (even while at work) i somehow missed out on their post, which itself is a link to a page originally posted by freedarko, of "ballers with randoms". i cant even begin with the amazingness of these pictures, but that pau gasol pic should say it all.
keep your eyes peeled for the key marquis daniels picture on page 2...

and a stunning ohio state/xavier game which i honestly thought was xavier's during those last 5 minutes. but low and behold, it wasn't xavier's day...amazing. mike is tearing it up on our yahoo pool while im lingering somewhere in the middle. quote of the week, "mark's bracket has more lines than a coke addict's table".

fuck ner's life.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Driveby Sports Post

i dont want to jump the gun but...did business lebron and player lebron finally arrive? as mike philbrick on's page2 "am jump" put it:
If you were on the 100-car bandwagon that said LeBron James was phoning in the season, we send our condolences after your massive derailment. King James put up 41 points, seven rebounds and eight assists in an OT win over East-leading Detroit. For those of you scoring at home, since the All-Star break LeBron's numbers are as follows: 36.6 points, 56.5 percent from the field, 45.0 percent on 3s, 6.4 rebounds and a 4-1 record. As All-Business LeBron would softly say, "I'm gonna have to call you back.
it wasnt too long ago that mike and i were discussing how this season seemed so lacklustre but now i can smell it in the air. this game meant a lot as everyone seemed to already be giving detroit the central, if not the east, and the cavs, despite losing their last 5 to detroit, showed that they still got that swagger they showed in the playoffs last season. let's just see if they can keep it up for the rest of the season.
and if youre not a reader already, peep amar over at cavalier attitude for a loyal cavs fan's honest opinion on all things cavs (ill admit, i thought it was a bit weird how after he called out DRU on being shitty, DRU came back with a solid double-double).

i dont even know what to say about this.

and lastly, spring training. im feeling pretty good about the indians this season (well, i guess ive been saying that for 3 years now) but i dont think im the only one. many a sports writers see travis hafner and grady "handsome" sizemore as having all star seasons, that coupled with some new guys in the bullpen, some decent acquisitions on the field, and uh, yeah. baseball. boys of summer.
march is a good time man. march madness (buckeyes #1, KU #2...thats right), spring training, NBA starts to heat up...good times. good times.
fuck your life.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

dudes that are fucking up my late night EC white castle runs

East Cleveland -- Police are warning residents to stay alert for a four-door white car, perhaps a Buick Regal. Up to four black men are cruising the streets in the car looking for pedestrians to rob. The men are armed with at least two guns, Sgt. Tony Fossett said. The first robbery was Wednesday night, when the white car approached three people on Hayden Avenue. It has happened to others every night since. One victim reported thinking the men were police officers. "We're gonna catch 'em," Fossett said, "before someone gets shot."