Thursday, September 29, 2005


Just thought I'd throw up this track from The Lab Rats, two white dudes from Columbus. As far as white guy hip-hop goes, it's not bad; in fact, it's good. actual instrumentation! crazy! they actually play guitars (there's a good minute of just guitars and bass at the end that's pretty nice)... the lyrics seem really relaxed, just funky stuff; pretty creative and positive, which I like as a direct opposite to three 6 which I've been listening to all week. I'd never heard it before ... guess they were in Cleveland last week. It's pretty nerdy, eminiem foilish. I like it though, fuck you. Here's ritilin off their 2004 ep. They have more mp3s on their site. How amazing is that cover art?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Kind of chickery candy paint and chrome twanks (North North)

Three 6 Mafia - Most Known Unknown

To start, there's quite a bit of Three 6 "Filler" on this ... you know: "ni-ni-nine to yo' dome ho' whacha-whacha gonna do bitch? (repeat x100)" type stuff ... but this is a much more listenable album than that of their average fare. I'd say half of it sounds like the new soulful, upbeat sound they dropped with Stay Fly and the other half sounds like Juicy's underground mix tape series; there's something for everyone. First off, you got Stay Fly and the Remix which as everyone knows by now is the best track of '05, easy. If you want the good tracks, Knock the Black Off Yo' Ass which starts with a collect call from Project Pat (by now you know that whenever Pat records an album, he goes to jail) and features a "North north" chant. Poppin' My Collar is another track closer to the new style with some gospel chants and low horns. There's also a Half on a sack version, which I believe is the 1,430th version of that song? Swervin' feat. Mike Jones is really disappointing. Pussy Got Cha Hooked (new style) is amazing; a nice slow creeper with some sick strings. Lyrics, naturally: "Pussy got cha hooked...hell nahw!" Don't Get Cha Mad is probably the second single (featuring Lil' Flip) ... just check this shit if you want to know. The only really annoying track is Let's plan a robbery ... otherwise, this is an instant classic and a great end of the summer album (if not for Stay Fly alone). Plus you know Paul and the Juice beats hit hard as fuck. Can't wait to pop my trunk. laterz.

Monday, September 26, 2005

chains that excite the feds...

Some Akron LBJ fam sold out their boy for 3.5k.

And if you know me, you can imagine how I feel about these shoes.

It's love.

Speaking of which, new 3-6 tomorrow. Stay fly.

la semaine trois: dale yeah.

Bengals (3-0) on the front page of - Shannon Sharpe doesn't think they are "tight" yet. Ok, ok. It's still early in the season - but the Cincinnati kids are off to a record breaking start; the best since 1990. Palmer is looking very solid, avoiding any turnovers to a stingy Chicago defense (Chicago looked amazing against the run). Orton had as rough a day as Culpepper, getting picked 5 times (a snatch by 5 different Bengals), including interception number (I think maybe even 4) 3 for Deltha O'neal; who if he has his way, will be ahead of Ray "Where's my Knife" Lewis for Defensive player of the year. Chad Johnson checked "no" next to Nate Vasher (seriously, did you see that play? The Vash got worked like a little bitch.) off of his "who's gonna cover 85 in '05" list but continued to cramp up during the game:

Chad Johnson, jealous of Chris Henry's first career receiving touchdown

"I drank a gallon of water yesterday and eight Gatorades today and a half a gallon of water...I swear, I didn’t eat McDonald’s all last week."

Another memorable CJ quote: Johnson dropped and gave the crowd a couple of pushups after the second touchdown because, "I had to pump myself up before I flexed." Anyway, I'm getting pretty excited, but not too much 'cause there's plenty of season left (all I want is a winning season; playoffs would be icing). They still really haven't played any great teams (though I think Chicago easily still can get a playoff spot) so they gotta "keep on keepin' on." Sorry, Cincinnati keeps getting more "Southern" every time I go there. In fact, I caught wind of some old friends using the term "Dale yeah" (try that in a nice "Cincitucky" accent) instead of "hell yeah" (in reference to Dale Ernhardt, naturellement). What the hell.

Some comments - round the league:

New England 23, Pittsburgh 20. Dale fuckin' yeah. Pittsburgh drops a game to 'Nati. Ben R. is looking a little bit rough as haters predicted. You can't sleep on that guy though; he'll be back. Hines Ward doesn't nearly get as much press as he deserves.

Jacksonville 26, N.Y. Jets 20 (OT): Jets are gonna be hurting with Pennington's injury and I think Fiedler was injured as well.

Miami 27, Carolina 24: God, I hate the Dolphins. This is not the way to start a Super Bowl season for Carolina.

Indianapolis 13, Cleveland 6: I though Clevo had a strong outing. Edgerrin James is a little too tough for that defense. Plus, shit - nice pass protection - 4 sacks! Dilfer is a pretty solid QB, but he needs better protection than they're giving him. Plus, how many returns have been called back on penalties so far this year?? Seriously. Not very smart game play.

Minnesota 33, New Orleans 16: You gotta feel bad for the Saints, but this is pretty normal play for them ... plus, I think they are sorta fed up (from what I've read) with the "oh, we feel so sorry for you..." thing. Fact is, this is their job - they get paid shitloads to do this. They're just playing the way they have been for years. Badly. When I see "the Saints defense found itself on the receiving end of two weeks of built-up frustrations" - that's BS to me. The Saints secondary isn't sad, they just aren't playmakers.

Seattle 37, Arizona 12: Yup, Arizona still sucks.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

High is my reply...

Lil Wayne - Ain't Got

New-ish Wayne which I've had floating around here for a minute.


The shit posted below here about "Yacht Rock" is up there with the internets best.

Also, I spotted Larry Hughes taking his kids to Chucky Cheese on Sunday.

Almost as cute as Charlie Frye and Braylon Edwards in that McDonalds commerical together.

"Do you want fries with that?"
"No, I already have a large Frye."

Yes, it's like that.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

the wise man has the power.

Yacht Rock episodes 1-3

Passed on to us by our dude Wes out on the Wes Coast, this is one of the best things Ive seen in a while. If you're as big a fan of Loggins/"What A Fool Believs" era Doobie Brothers as I am, you'll eat this up with a second helping of Hall & Oates. As Ben put it, "best thing to hit the internet since those GI Joe psa's". Simply Amazing.
Speaking of simply amazing, what a weekend for Northeast Ohio sports. Ohio State gets a win, Browns get a quality win at Lambeau over Farve, and the Indians keep rollin along like Omar Gooding in "Playmakers" as they pull within 2 1/2 of the White Sox and keep their 1 1/2 game lead over the Yankees in the wildcard.
But how far do you think Ohio State will go? Will the Browns really be that bad this year or was the Green Bay game a glimpse as to what could be a decent season? And can the Indians keep on rolling or will the White Sox (who have dominated us this season) be the roadblock?
If you're in the Cleveland area tonight, come down to the Loft (corner of Euclid Heights and Coventry, right by the Grog Shop in Cleveland Heights) at 11pm and talk it up at Sports Rap. On every night(?) at 11pm on 1300AM WERE and live from the Loft every Tuesday, Sports Rap is...well, a sports radio show. Only this one is geared more towards folks of the Fuck Yo Life crowd with top notch show intros ("Whats really hood my man") to giveaways (the now standard Old English "800" basketball), and last but not least, quality sports talk hosted and led by dudes like T-Wheez, The Believer, Freeze, and the Doug E Doug looking guy with the dreadlocks. If you show up, look by the pool table and youll see the FYL dudes laying deep in the cut.


Friday, September 16, 2005


getting a little teary over here today. this is painful, but I think it's important that more people hear it:

Nagin on New Orleans

Interesting points on response vs. Iraq + 9/11 funding, etc.

Also, I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to, say, open a new tab "Mozilla/Firefox" style using a script... like perform a browser check, and then open a tab if it exists ... like "_blank" but a script to open a tab if it's available. wouldn't that be nice?

but seriously, read bardo's corresponence with Raleigh NC's finest. you can't stop that kid.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

this is the only good song on the jim jones album...

Jim Jones f/Max B. - G'd Up

Sorry Capo. You must know how much it hurts me to say that.

Monday, September 12, 2005


surfing this evening...found this little project using a C++ algorithm to analyze graffiti strokes. kinda neat. though check out the other projects in the dropdown and check out "explicit content only" which is the entire "straight outta compton" album stripped of all but the profanity. the title track is pretty amazing so is "8ball" and "fuck the police" is naturally, crazy. couldn't stop laughing: "fuckinniggafagsnigganutzmuthafuckanigga..."

Summer Ends, Football Begins

Bengals fans (myself included) rejoiced on Sunday after getting our first season-opener win on Sunday against Clevo. All I've heard Cleveland fans talk about is some questionable officiating so far. Which I will agree - on one of those calls - was most likely bullshit. But you have to admit they should've got it done regardless. The one thing I'm really confused about is why after gaining 78 yards they decided that Droughns wasn't running anymore. This is the Bengals we are talking about. Have you seen them defend the run in the last 14 years? No. Run the ball against the Bengals, please. Drougns looked good, and so did Dilfer. He just made some key mistakes and Odell Thurman and Deltha O'neal made him pay for it. Speaking of which, how good did Thurman look starting his rookie year with a pick and 7 tackles. Ray Lewis he is not, but he is the type of player the Bengals need. Looking forward to seeing more of him (mch). Also, Frisman Jackson really stepped up with 8 catches for 128 yards and a TD. He was frustrating me out, believe. Palmer, apart from his sloppy "rookie" interception, is looking good .. good completion %. Rudi Johnson, as always, keeping it solid and wrapping up the game. Had a littttle scare with Chad Johnson's cramping in the first quarter. I really don't want to see him getting hurt.

In other news, I was real happy to see the Saints start out with a inspired divisional win against Carolina. Brooks hooking up with Horn then Carney sealing it off with 3 seconds left.

I know their biggest fan, my ex-roomie/new-orleanean Chuck (who hopefully got to see the game somewhere in the Army) feels great about that. Also, considering how poorly the Saints play in the Superdome (from what I've seen and what Chuck has said) a season on the road might have playoff implications. I would love to see an A'ints/Bungles Super Bowl. Also, I'd like to thank John Gruden for fucking up my picks this week.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

It's Murdaaaaaaaaaaaaa *updated*

50 Cent - "The Ghetto Koran"

I don't know how new this news actually is to you fine folks but I stumbled across some interesting info over at The Smoking Gun about how famed Queens drug lord Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff and Murder Inc CEO Irv Gotti want/wanted 50 dead. And by interesting info I mean an official affidavit straight outta New York.
Now I'm sure most of you remember that the feds raided the Murder Inc offices not too long ago for a number of reasons, with one of them being Irv's friendship with Supreme. But this goes a little deeper than that. From the famed 50 shooting (now he walks with a limp, but he's aight) to Jam Master J's murder (50 used to be his protege at a time when Supreme supposedly had 50 blacklisted from not just New York, but supposedly the entire United States), to 50's beef with Murder Inc. (Supreme was hanging out at the offices and apparently had a Murder Inc pager) these documents make it appear that Supreme has had a hand in all of it.
Up top there's a link to 50's "The Ghetto Quaran/Koran" where he talks about Supreme and his whole situation at the time in Queens. Apparently this is the song that set off the series of events that led to your boy Curt getting shot 9 times.
After getting shot, 50 was supposedly blacklisted in the recording industry by Supreme to the point that 50 had to go to Canada to record "Guess Who's Back", which had the cleverly titled song "Fuck You" that names the names responsible for his shooting (Supreme being one of them). Pretty hard I think.
With the Murder Inc. raid, Ja Rule's career in limbo, and Gotti and Supreme in legal troubles, it looks like 50's having the last laugh in this one, at least for now. This shit's got all the makings of some good conspiracy theory type shit or at least a Murder Dog cover story.
There is also an article about this at
And plus, how sweet is that record cover?
On a lighter note, I discovered that there is an ABA team in Charlotte called The Krunk. Their logo is a maniacal robotic boombox slam dunking a basketball. This is quite possibly one of the worst and at the same time greatest logos Ive ever seen. Click that link to see what Im talking about.

your right to be offended

This is my comment on the Kanye West "B*** hates black people" quote. While I do find it quite ricockulous that the media is using the verbiage "find" rather that "loot" for white folks, honestly, I am more surprised at how much it takes to get the average person motivated to stand up and make their voice heard. A whole lot of people are talking this and that all of a sudden about racism (and to white people, racism is only a construct; can we really relate? that's my question to you) ... where were you before your superstar kanye said some shit? where's your outrage at racism when it's not placed directly in front of your nose by a hyped media darling? where's the outrage about the injustices being perpetrated by our current gov't?

** update **

someone pointed out that the instance of "looting" was used by the news agency AP while "finding" was used by a different news agency. The fact that they are two seperate news agencies could explain (if, for example AP is using "looting" to discribe acts perpetrated by all races and not using "finding" at all) the complaints away ... If it can be proved that one agency is using looting for blacks and finding for whites exclusively, then it could be deemed blatantly racist, but to call it racist based on the two images that have been circulating is stupid. It's a pretty touchy situtation, and to discribe taking "food" as looting at this point is ridiculous. But seriously, jerseys and jordans are probably not as effective in 3 feet of water as boots, wellie, wetsuits, galoshes, etc (why not "find" those)?

** update **

That's the problem with this administration. I think people are so frustrated that they've completely given up and are just blindly looking forward to "better" times instead of trying to do something proactive now. Someone said on another blog (sorry, don't remember) to be "proactive, not reactive" ... I think that's a great idea. Furthermore, something severely lacking in our culture (especially under the B*** Administration) is a certain level of compassion for human life, not just anglo-christian life. Honestly, as an atheist, I don't feel represented by these people at all.

on a side note ... David Banner is hilarious (LemRed link). also, I was browsing McSweeney's today and I found an open letter to Public Enemy from "The Power" by john moe ... The power suggests they should give up the struggle.

Fade to Black...

Surprised I didn't read this on B C dot com first but this is a quote from Wolf Blitzer on September 1st on CNN's The Situation Room:

BLITZER: "You simply get chills every time you see these poor individuals, as Jack Cafferty just pointed out, so tragically, so many of these people, almost all of them that we see, are so poor and they are so black, and this is going to raise lots of questions for people who are watching this story unfold."


Monday, September 05, 2005

N.O. state of mind

Master P, Silk and UGK - Playaz from the South

So it unfortunatley still looks pretty grim down in New Orleans and with them in mind I figured I would post some classic N.O. rap. P hardly hides his pride when explaining where he's from in this song. I would actually call this the definitive No Limit song. P sounds sneaky and suspicious in his flow, Silk is funny and UGK drop by to hang with their down south bros. The beat is excellent and very appropriate for this era of NL records. I would add that the bassline on this song is one of the craziest basslines in the history of recorded music. I was trying to find this a few weeks back when cocaineblunts did their feature on no limit because this was a key track that was left out. The song originally appeared on the Down South Hustlers compilation which is undoubtedly a milestone in New Orleans rap music. Also need to mention that it appears the impossible will finally be taking place as Cash Money and No Limit will team up for a 10-city Hurricane Katrina benefit tour. No word on if they are collaborating on a combination "uggghh/birdcall" signal at this time.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Brothers For The Struggle

After a few days of wondering whether or not Master P and Silkk are sitting in a rowboat somewhere or if Baby is waiting things out in a Cash Money treehouse, has an artice on just how said entertainers are doing and whats being done in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Don't miss the random quotes from Snoop's younger brother for no good reason other than he's Snoop's brother.
While this may be a little out of line due to this being such a terrible disaster, Im wondering what collaborations we might see come out of this... the article does state that P and Baby have recently spoken to each other for the first time due to the crisis...
But seriously, shit's rough down there and thoughts and prayers go out to those people who are currently left in the most dire of straits.
And if you havent donated yet, there's still time.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

I just want you to know

AZ feat Ghost and Raekwon - New York

No fronting. I have always been loving AZ on the mic. From Illmatic thru the so so to Azatic, I've been with AZ. Even The Firm. (no disrespect 'mega) I can't wait to hear the new album A.W.O.L and it's even nice to hear this with the Wu legends.

Rodenbach. If you see this don't hesitate. Found it at my local spot for Oat's Soda and they claim that it's the first time it's been available locally in 5 years. The CEO of Duvel was here for the premiere of this. And it has an aftertaste like grape popsicles.

Boink! Magazine So I come to find that my alma mater now has a student run porno mag featuring many of the lovely girls who stroll campus on a daily. Obviously, admissions standards have become even stricter cause this is brilliant. Shouts to D-train cause I know you are loving this man.

On the college note...props to a BU pal who wrote a cheesy college dorm movie and got it done straight to DVD with the National Lampoons stamp on it. National Lampoons Dorm Daze One character is somewhat based on a good friend of mine. And they made him gay. Amazing. Oh yeah, the reason I must mention this is because somehow this movie also stars Ashley from the Fresh Prince, Tapanga, the fat kid from The Sandlot, Randy Spelling (Steve Sanders lil bro on 90210 and Tori's sister) and the Sherminator from American Pie. I dare anyone to dream up a more impressive lineup.

So the new Kanye is good. I know you want to hate this. I do too. But listen to it and shut up like I did.

College football on Saturday. Get ready Michigan, gonna be a long season lil homies...Miami (OH) even Roethlisberger and Jacob Bell together plus Ron Harper and Szczerbiak couldn't save Saturday for you.

Anyone know how the Magnolia fared in the Hurricane? Our thoughts are with you CMB.